Intrusion and Forced Entry

Intrusion and Forced EntryMAG4 is designed to be virtually impossible to lever the glass from the frame, and can withstand multiple forced entry and intrusion attacks to both glass and frame. It is manufactured to be similar in appearance to conventional windows and curtain walling, but much more resilient to attack.

For those clients who wish to pre-warn or deter, such as jewellers with window displays and other high value goods stores MAG4 can be manufactured to display an effective warning to would-be thieves without detracting from the window display.

Depending upon application requirements the weight of MAG4 is normally similar to conventional frames and glass, appearing similar and yet vastly stronger.

Test Comparisons

Actual indicative tests show that MAG4 will pass the following:

  • BS EN 356:2000 Resistance to Manual Attack
  • Includes Drop Ball Test to BS EN 356 P5A – The Highest Drop Ball Test.
  • BS EN 356 P8B – the 71 Hit Felling Axe Test

Containment Applications

  • In the Mental Health environment our – MAG4 security system will withstand attack by a variety of tools available to patients including chair legs, televisions, snooker cues, snooker balls, ceramics, screwdrivers, screws, chisels, and hammers.
  • Containment Buildings – Individually designed to be used in detention centres such a police stations, court houses, and prisons, in fact anywhere there is the possibility of breakout.