Blast Protection

Blast Protection“Modern buildings make much greater use of glass than older buildings, which means that most bomb casualties nowadays are caused by flying glass” – Security Service Website.  Statistically, almost 90 percent of all injuries from a bomb blast are related to flying glass, rather than the blast itself. In an explosion, glass particles can travel at speeds of up to 150 mph.

MAG4 is designed to achieve the highest levels of blast protection for bomb and gas blast mitigation.  It will surpass the international blast standard DIS16933 Arena Blast Test of 100KgTNT at 25metres standoff.  This is typically known as the Vehicle Bomb test.  We are in the process of designing our own tests to include bigger blasts and closer standoffs.

The true test of glazing protection from blast effects is “will it withstand random shrapnel that occurs in any blast situation?”  MAG4 is working to create even more realistic test results by using flying objects that could be the result of a vehicle bomb explosion.  Our aim is to produce windows and curtain walling that will withstand the effects of real life explosions, not just ‘clean’ test arena explosions.