Ballistic Protection

Ballistic ProtectionMAG4 can be personalised to the client’s requirements, and will protect against all personal firearms from a 0.9mm pistol to a 7.62mm sniper rifle bullet. Here are some tested examples of our ballistic protection:

MAG4 Ballistic Test Trials to BS EN 1063:2000 Velocities

Class Type of Weapon Calibre Type Sample Held or Penetrated
BR2 Hand Gun 9mm Luger MEN ball DM11A1B1 Held
BR3 Hand Gun 0.357 Magnum Geco coned bullet lead core Held
BR4 Hand Gun 0.44 Magnum Flat nose FMJ lead core spear Held
BR6 Rifle 7.62 x 51 Steel Jacket, lead core Held
BR7 Rifle 7.62 x 51 P80 Steel Hard Core Held

Is the ballistic threat faced coming from a 7.62 sniper rifle used by armed forces or terrorists around the world? If so then the answer is MAG4. Extensive testing has produced powerful protection tuned to meet the threat being faced.

Outstanding Characteristics

  • Manufactured to be similar in appearance to conventional windows and curtain walling
  • The visual area can be clear, opaque, tinted for solar control and/or graffiti resistant.
  • The MAG4 patented design and structure means that it is fitted to existing walling without expensive structural modifications to support the extra weight typical of other ballistic glass systems.